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Josephine Haden: Bending Light


. . . Strong vertical and arching lines or repeated, short horizontal or diagonal lines energize her canvases . . . these are places that don't exist.  Yet they seem unquestionably familiar, like shards of yellow that stream through the shadowy recesses of the forest in bending light, welcoming our eyes to this secluded retreat . . . These paintings stand on the threshold of entropy, a place where disorder is neither threatening nor disarming, but instead, a thing of beauty.  
Sara Grusin, Museum & Arts Washington magazine 

. . . her images draw the viewer into dense worlds of form and color and contort our perceptions of scale and distance . . . What is initially seen in the far distance jumps forward to the surface plane.  What, at first, seems merely a curved brightly colored brush stroke takes on tremendous speed and whips the imagination from the depths of a Wishing Well to the sky reflected on its surface, or into the back of a Dragonfly's Eye . . . Her mysterious thickets and bottomless pools of water . . . recall the archetypal forests and magical wishing wells embedded deep within our psyches.  If you look long and hard enough at Haden's work, you'll swear you can smell the mossy richness at their core.  
Florence Gilbard, Grimaldi Museum (Haut de Cagnes, France) exhibition catalog

Bending Light, acrylic on canvas
48" x 48" (122 cm. x 123 cm.)

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