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Q.  During what time frame were the different theme groups of paintings that are shown on the "Artwork" page painted?  How do they

Colors in Motion is early work from 1986 to 1991.  This was a period of rapid experimentation, and the paintings presented here include lead paintings from several sub-themes during this time period: thematic paintings (Durer's Dream), pastoral and tropical abstractions (Sun Shower), forests (Cross Currents), and grasses, thickets and waterways (Out There).  The Perspectives series includes works painted between 1990 and 1996 by the artist to counteract the intense colors that characterized her earlier expressive paintings.  These works were essential to the development of the next series called Shades of Green which includes works painted between 1994 and 1999.  The artist continues to paint these highly individualistic treescapes from time to time for artistic reasons and by special request or commission.  The Identities series of paintings began in 1996, as the artist was exploring her own roots and thinking about art that has inspired her over the years.  These paintings, which are highly personal in subject matter, eventually merged with the Shades of Green series in the late 1990s. Beginning in the late 1990s, the artist began working on a series of paintings called Nobody's Real, in which the artist pursues "figuration" on her own terms.  She continues to work on this theme today, and it has developed into the series of paintings in the Globalization theme.  The Nature Reigns theme group includes paintings that were completed during 2002 and 2003.  These paintings facilitated a transition to the Globalization series.

Q.  How long has the artist been painting, and what was her early involvement in art and inspiration?

Josephine Haden has been drawing and painting since early childhood.  Her parents encouraged her artwork as much as they encouraged her education.  She traveled extensively with her parents throughout her childhood, visiting numerous museums and natural wonders in the United States, France and Germany.  Her paternal grandfather Julian Trousdale Haden (J. Trousdale Haden) was a great inspiration to her.  He was a painter who lived most of life in Nashville Tennessee. He taught her how to use pastels and introduced her to figure drawing.  The artist studied art and art history throughout her childhood.  She worked with several different artists including an accomplished Mississippi portrait painter and a Sumi-e master and author.  Also important to her early artistic development was her French family who instilled in her an appreciation for antiquities and an interest in baroque art.  The artist's maternal grandmother and grandfather were art collectors in Paris, France.  Her grandmother started an antique business, A George V (26 rue Clement Marot, Paris 8e, France), which closed in 2009 after 80 years as the family business.

Q.  Are the paintings shown on the web site all for sale?

The web site includes paintings  that are for sale, as well as works that are in private, public, and corporate collections.  For information about the availability of a painting, you can send an e-mail inquiry to the Contact.  Also refer to Links for galleries that currently show the artist's work.     

Q.  Does the artist have other works that are not shown on the web site?

Yes, the artist has other works that are not shown on the website.    

Q.  Does the artist work on commissions? 

Yes, private commissions, but not public commissions or mural projects.

Q.  Does the artist have any works on paper?

Yes,  click here to see some works on paper.

Q.  Does the artist have any smaller paintings?

Yes, click here to see smaller works.  

Q.  Are there prints or photographs by the artist?

At present, there are no authorized multiples of Josephine Haden's work available.  However, recently she has been experimenting with some original digital pigment prints based on her paintings.  Her photography is mostly for reference purposes.   

Q.  What is the artist working on presently?

The artist is currently working on a new video and paintings. 

Q.  What is the video installation referred to in her recent solo exhibition?

In her last solo exhibition, the artist projected a video that she produced onto her painting "Into the Blue."  The video is composed of multiple tracks, including animation taken from images in her paintings, video that she filmed in Normandy (Etretat, Villerville, and Trouville), France, and video of a young ballerina star that she filmed on green screen.

Q.  What art or artists have influenced her work most?

There are many influences that Josephine Haden takes over and makes her own. The artist appreciates the work of all artists from the past and many contemporary artists.  However, they do not  necessarily directly inspire her work.  Her favorite artists include, but are not limited to: northern renaissance and baroque painters for the charm of their compositions including animals and plants, early French painting from the late Middle Ages to early Renaissance for expressive figuration and simplicity;  Michelangelo for the "in your face" colors/surface quality and composition of the Sistine Chapel;  Rembrandt for the composition and "light" quality in his engravings; ancient Chinese landscape painting; her own grandfather's paintings and drawings; Van Gogh for clarity of form and color; surrealists painters without the rhetoric; pop art because it throbs with color power; and contemporary artists like Anselm Kiefer for reconciling the conceptual and expressive, and William Kentridge for his novel combination of landscape and figuration.  She is also very engrossed with  contemporary trends in advertising and pop culture from which she draws figures in her current work.  Recently, she has also become interested in American artists from the Hudson River School as can be seen in her painting "Solitude," which is based in part on Asher Durand's "Kindred Spirits" as a starting point.  More information about the artist can be found in a feature Interview on Art Slant.

Q.  How can I be notified about exhibitions and other news about Josephine Haden's work?

You can join the artist's private mailing list by clicking here.  (The mailing list is used exclusively by the artist and not shared with other parties.)  You can also contact the galleries listed under links that show her works on an "ongoing" basis.


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