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So who stands out? . . . Josephine Haden who continues to baffle me with her paintings which I've seen many times over the last few years . . . Haden uses broad strokes to describe an ocean . . . not a meticulous sea painting here, but broad, plain blue stokes that describe an almost naive ocean.  And that is just where Haden's work stops being naive.  She then adds landscape features, children on rafts, dogs, helicopters.  You name it, and Haden can paint it!  This is an artist who can visualize a collage (which is what her work initially appears to be) and uses a talented brush to translate it into canvas.  
F. Lenox Campello, artist and art critic (Wash., DC Art News).

The juror . . . was Jonathan Binstock, contemporary art curator at the Corcoran . . . The following pieces were the standouts in the show.  They motivated to give them TWO check marks . . . Josephine Haden's piece "Globalization."  I was drawn to the imagery and the flatness and vagueness of composition.  
J. T. Kirkland, artist and art critic (Thinking About Art)

Globalization, acrylic on canvas
48" x 72" (122 cm. x 183 cm.)

Josephine Haden: No Trespassing Josephine Haden: Conservancy
Josephine Haden: True World Josephine Haden: Family Tree Josephine Haden: Sea of Need Josephine Haden: Round Up Breaking Away
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