P a i n t i n g s R e c e n t   S o l o  S h o w          

 Josephine Hayden artist Washington DC= spelling error
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Starting with landscapes, I found myself creating mysterious and distant places hovering on the edge of reality.  Filling the canvas with lush vegetation and dense forests, I played with scale and space while relying on a base ground of gestural abstraction.  These landscapes evolved, as I began to include figures and create scenes dealing with the contradictions and complexities of contemporary life where no one is real.

Nobody's Real    True World    Globalization    Breathe Deeply    Fore    Sea of Need     Illusions    Soft as Silk    It's A Man's World    Rescue   
It Hurts 
  The Kiss    It Didn't Matter    No Trespassing    Above It All  
I Love Paris   
Conservancy    High Expectations    Roundup    Futurist 



    Josephine Haden is an eloquent painter, a realist of sorts--I say “of sorts” because there’s an aura of eeriness to her reality, however
    precisely (always precisely) rendered--but her images are also abstract, which no doubt adds to their uncanniness.
Donald Kuspit

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